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Richard Lowe is a professional piano tuner/technician with over 44 years experience tuning and servicing pianos. Offering all aspects of piano repairs and maintenance, including voicing, regulation, valuations, and pre-purchase inspections.

Piano Tuning

A piano that is properly in tune will sound even and clear, with a rich, resonant tone.

  • All the notes of a chord will be clean and defined.
  • It will have a responsive and balanced touch.
  • It will be a pleasure to play and to listen to.

Your piano is an investment and requires regular tuning and servicing to maintain its value and condition.


Signs your piano needs regulation or repairs:

  • the keys feel sluggish and uneven
  • some notes may stick
  • keys are not level
  • touch responds badly to quick passages and fast repetition
  • does not respond to dynamic range i.e. loud or soft playing
  • the action has rattling or buzzing noise

Regulation will create an even and responsive touch, and improve the dynamic range of the instrument. There are numerous moving mechanical parts in the piano action that must be adjusted precisely for the piano to play correctly.


Voicing is done to improve the tone and clarity of your piano. Over time, the hammers can become flattened and worn. This can create a harsh or overly bright tone. The hammers can be reshaped so that they become round and smooth again. Needling can be used to mellow and even out the tone. Correct voicing can produce a profound improvement in tone. It is an inexpensive process that usually takes less than an hour.

"These days it is just so important to feel comfortable with the service person in your home. Treat yourself, and enjoy your piano playing even more once Richard has cast his magic." Read more customer testimonials...

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"I was the exclusive piano tuner for Piano Traders for several years. I highly recommend their great range of new and second hand pianos, and their friendly service is unmatched."

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